Register for Your Wintergreen Dogsledding Vacation

240dog-sledding9.jpgRegistering for a Wintergreen trip is very simple! Just email or call us regarding your trip preference and number of guests.  We'll respond regarding availability and the info we need from you. That's it!

Click Here for a printable 2-page summary of our Trip Details, Dates & Rates.

Click Here for a printable registration form that you can submit by fax or mail (for overnight guests only--day trip guests should request the email form below).

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to email us a request for a registration form that you can submit by email (please indicate whether you are an overnight or day trip guest).

OR just call us toll-free 877-753-3386 (877-Sled Fun) or 218-365-6022 to register by phone.

To view or print the complete information our guests receive in their "Trip Kit" packets, click below:
Wintergreen Trip Kit Cover Letter
Dressing for Dogsledding Checklist
Rental Clothing & Boots Order Form
Travel, Payment & Liability Release Form

Here's some info that you may find helpful before registering:

The registration process (by phone, fax or email) takes only 10 minutes. It involves a $100/person deposit payable by check or credit card with balance due 2 months before your trip. Discounts and refund policies are outlined below. You'll be asked the following items, in addition to your address and phone info, payment preference and trip choice:

We'll ask if you have any dietary restrictions or preferences that we can accommodate for you (such as low fat, diabetic, allergies, vegetarian, vegan, gluten &/or lactose free, etc.)

We'll ask your age, height and weight. You can 'guesstimate" this info for other members of your group but our dogs will be upset if you guess too low on weights because we use those figures to budget dog power for your teams. (Persons over 250 pounds may find it difficult to balance on the sleds unless they're quite fit.)

For your safety, we'll ask you about any physical or medical restrictions you may have. All such information is strictly confidential. Please note that health conditions or disabilities do not necessarily prevent anyone from participating on our trips. Persons with the following conditions have enjoyed our trips: diabetes (type 1 & 2), amputations, prosthetic arms, legs, hips & knees, back and knee braces, catheters & colostomies, dog allergies, arthritis, asthma, limited hearing and sight. But it is very important that you alert us to any health conditions you may have.

For your comfort, we'll ask about your fitness. One of the great things about dogsledding is that it accommodates persons of virtually any fitness level. However, if you are seriously out-of-shape (for example, if you find walking a mile to be exhausting), then a Wintergreen experience may be too challenging. If you have basic fitness (that is, if you could walk 2-3 miles without much difficulty), then you'd enjoy any of our lodge-to-lodge trips. If you're moderately fit or better (and could handle, for example, a 5-mile walk), then our camping trips would be a fit for you as well. If you have concerns about your fitness, please feel free to discuss them with us. (See more fitness info below.)

If you're traveling as a pair or group, we'll ask your preference regarding double or single beds. If you're traveling as a single, we'll ask if you require a private room (which is generally available for a $25/night surcharge) or if you're willing to share a double room with another single of the same gender (no charge).

We'll ask you to sign an Assumption of Risk and Liability Waiver form (sent by mail) indicating that you assume full responsibility for your participation and that you have health and accident insurance. While our safety record is superb, these requirements are standard protocol for all outdoor programs. We encourage you to click here to review and print a copy of this waiver for your records. 

We'll respond to your reservation with a confirmation letter. Then a few months before your trip, you'll receive our "Trip Kit" packet which includes info for preparing for your trip, suggested clothing checklist, rental clothing options, a Wintergreen clothing catalog and 20% discount coupon, brochure and free pass to Ely's International Wolf Center and info about Ely's new North American Bear Center. Travelex trip insurance brochure and our liability release, travel plans & final payment form with send-back envelope. Finally, a few weeks before your trip, you'll receive an update letter with final details about the itinerary for your trip, your guides and the other guests in your group. 

Welcome aboard! We look forward to sharing a Wintergreen experience with you!

Paul Schurke & the Wintergreen team 


all meals, lodging, guides, equipment, taxes and permit fees. The only additional expenses our guests generally incur are transport and clothing rental, if needed. About half of our guests opt to rent some clothing items from Wintergreen. Last year these guests spent an average of $65 in rental costs for boots, anoraks, snow pants, etc.


Unless you request otherwise, we'll automatically debit any balance due on this same card 2 months before your trip.  Email registrations are accessed only by Wintergreen's registrar and are deleted immediately after we've processed them. But if you prefer, you can provide your credit card number to us by phone. Or you can pay by mailed check -- please be sure we receive your deposit within 5 days of registering and your final payment within 2 months of your trip.


Rates are per adult, in double rooms. Rates for singles requiring private rooms (on standard trips) are $25/night more. Rates for kids 5-16 are $100-$300 less (depending upon trip).  Private groups who reserve their own "Good" trips (8 or more) or "Better" trips (6 or more) get $100 off/person. Discounts are not cumulative (for example, early sign-up & kids or group discounts cannot be combined -- the largest discount will apply).  All payments are fully refundable until October 1.  Payments minus a $100 deposit are refundable after Oct 1 and until 2 months before your trip. Within 2 months of your trip, payments are nonrefundable but are transferable to another trip. 


If you're concerned that your trip plans may be subject to change, we strongly recommend you purchase trip cancellation insurance from Travelex Company. It will reimburse you for any non-refundable trip or transport expenses you've incurred in the event an incident or illness (involving you, a family member, business partner or traveling companion) or job loss requires you to cancel your trip.  It's reasonably inexpensive (about 10% of your trip cost), kids 16 & under are free and it provides some medical expense coverage. If purchased within 21 days of registering for your trip, it covers cancellations arising from pre-existing health conditions. Call Travelex at 800-228-9792, or enroll online at Travelex. Their "Travel Basic" plan is the best deal for those under 60, "Travel Select" covers people of any age. We highly recommend you protect your travel investment.


The more fit you are, the more fun you'll have on our trips. To enhance your enjoyment, we encourage you to use the anticipation of your trip as an incentive to improve your fitness. Strength is not a crucial factor. What counts is stamina and endurance -- good cardiovascular fitness. This can be achieved at any age. Even persons in "POOR" condition can achieve adequate fitness if (with their doctor's advice) they engage in 30 minutes of daily exercise for 3 months prior to their trip. Brisk walking, jogging, jump roping, swimming, biking or skiing are all good options.  Consider this trip a reason to get fit for life! and it will be an investment that will pay off for years.


Our guests who live in the Midwest region (MI,WI,OH,IN,IL,ND,SD,NE,KS,MO) generally choose to drive.  Ely is served by good all weather highway systems (all but the last 50 miles is divided 4-lane) and in our 25 years of trips none of our guests have ever had their trip delayed by road closures.  Allow for 4 hours drive time from Minneapolis/St. Paul, 12 hours from Chicago, 13 hours from Kansas City.  Four-wheel drive is not essential.


Delta (Northwest) Airlines (, 800-225-2525) provides service via its Minneapolis/St.Paul hub (MSP) to our regional airports at DULUTH (8 jet flights/day) and HIBBING (3 turboprop flights/day). Afternoon arrival and departure times are best but we're happy to accommodate late night arrivals and early morning departures if that works best for you. As of 11/09 round-trip fares for flights this winter from major east/west coast hubs are $200-250 to Minneapolis, $300-$350 to Duluth and $350-$400 to Hibbing (and $250 round-trip Chicago-Duluth).

From the Duluth(DLH) or Hibbing(HIB) airports, ground shuttle to/from your lodge is available from Ely Cab (Kevin 218-349-1383) or Yellow Cab (Rita 218-365-6006). Their flat rate for up to 6 passengers is $150 each way from Duluth (2hr) or $115 from Hibbing (1.5hr) and can be split among other Wintergreen guests sharing the shuttle. Upon booking your flights, be sure to book your shuttle as well because Ely & Yellow Cab often get booked up. Other options (more expensive) are Hibbing Taxi (218-263-5065) and Allied Taxi Duluth (218-722-3311).  Car rental from Duluth(all brands) and Hibbing(ACAR 218-348-7446) is an option.

From the Minneapolis/St.Paul(MSP) airport , car rentals run about $40/day (intermediate size, 2-wheel drive is fine). This option is appealing for those who choose to extend their stay in Minnesota before or after their Wintergreen trip. Various Ely lodges offer discounts for Wintergreen guests and we're happy to recommend discount lodging options for a scenic overnight stay in Duluth or along Minnesota's beautiful North Shore Highway on Lake Superior. 

MSP vs. DLH/HIB: If you don't mind driving (and it's a pleasant, scenic 4-hour drive largely on 4-lane divided highway), flying to MSP and renting a car is the cheaper option. As of 11/1/09, airfare from east or west coast PLUS car rental totals about $300 each for 2 people. And, if you depart from the east or west coast 7-9am, you'll arrive in Ely 4-6pm, only slightly later than our guests on the DLH or HIB connecting flights who arrive in Ely by ground shuttle taxi 3-4 pm.  Want to avoid driving AND connecting flights? (888-354-2677) offers 6 van trips/day MSP-Duluth($69rt) where you can connect with an Ely or Yellow cab shuttle to Ely. FLASH NEWS! New for this season, the Wintergreen van may be available for MSP-Ely-return shuttles on select trip dates. Contact us for details