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Factors to consider in choosing your trip

Choosing Your Trip

Factors to consider in choosing your trip:

Age & Experience: These don't matter. People ages 6-86 have enjoyed our trips. Most of our guests have never dogsledded before (and some have never seen snow!). No experience is needed.

Fitness & Health: Dogsledding accommodates persons of virtually any fitness level. However, if you are seriously out-of-shape (for example, if you find walking a mile to be exhausting), then our trips may be too challenging. If you have basic fitness (that is, if you could walk 2-3 miles without much difficulty), then you'd enjoy any of our lodge-to-lodge trips. If you're moderately fit or better (and could handle, for example, a 5-mile walk), then our camping trips would be a fit for you as well. If you have concerns about your fitness, please feel free to discuss them with us. We're happy to accommodate any dietary requests and various health conditions and disabilities.

Group Size (Singles, 3-Somes & Groups): Most of guests come with a friend or family member, but we're happy to accommodate singles on our 3- & 4-night "good" lodge trips and our camping trips. We can generally accommodate 3-somes on any trips and groups of 4 or more can book their own private custom trip

Ready to make a reservation? Give us a call (218) 349-6128 or register online.

Camping vs. Lodge Trips

Sleep Indoors or a Winter Tent

Our "Beginning" camping trips include as much dogsledding as our 4-night lodge trips, plus many more experiences. So if you're moderately fit, feeling adventurous and want to go for the "gusto," choose a camping trip. Age doesn't matter -- kids and seniors enjoy our camping trips as much as our lodge trips. Our "Advanced" trips are even more adventurous and involve skiing or snowshoeing in addition to dogsledding. Our Arctic trips rank somewhere between our "Beginning" and "Advanced" trips in terms of challenge. The dogsledding and camping logistics are similar to our "Beginning" trips but the arctic setting is, of course, vastly more remote & exotic.

Our lodge trips are compared in the chart below, followed by the dates and rates for all trips to help you choose the one that's best for you. Still not sure which trip to choose? Just call us: (218) 349-6128. If money is the issue, let us know if you can go "standby." We'll alert you to openings offered at a substantial discount if cancellations occur within a few weeks of a trip.

Lodge Trip Options

"Good," "Better," "Best" Lodge Trips
All 3 options feature a similar amount of dogsledding, as well as great meals & lodging. The "Good" trips (8 guests) involve private bedrooms and shared bathrooms. The "Better" trips (6 guests) involve private bedrooms & private bathrooms for each pair of guests. The "Best' trips (4 guests) involve private suites or private cabins for each pair of guests, plus gourmet dinners. The smaller group size of the "Better" and "Best" trips also means the guides are better able to tailor each day's dogsledding itinerary to guest interests. Our "Good," "Better" & "Best" 4-night trips are generally offered every p.m. Wednesday to a.m. Sundays. The 3-night trips, offered p.m. Thursday to a.m. Sunday,, are similar to our 4-night "Good" trips but are simply a day shorter and feature family pricing. Our Specialty Trips (5-night Photo Workshop & 4-night Parent-Child Pair Vacation) also feature 3 full days of guided dogsledding PLUS additional activities with guests instructors.