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Clothing for Your Wintergreen Dogsledding Trip

How To Dress

Dressing for Dogsledding is Easy!

We’ll be sure you’re warm & cozy on your Wintergreen trip. You’ll come away not just with a great dogsledding experience, but also with greater comfort & confidence in winter recreation as a lifelong endeavor. Welcome to a whole new season of fun!

We’ll help you gather what you need. The basics:

  • Long johns top & bottom (synthetic, not cotton)
  • A couple of sweater tops &/or down vest
  • Insulated jacket (or shell + fleece anorak)
  • Insulated pants (or shell + fleece pants)
  • A couple of warm hats & neckband
  • Thin (liner) gloves & insulated mittens
  • Thin (liner) & thick socks (a couple pair)
  • Insulated boots (with removable liners for drying)

Rent Or Buy Clothing

You may already have many of the items listed above. Our Wintergreen Northern Wear clothing company will help you with items you don't have. Small items like long underwear & mitts can be purchased with your guest discount. Big items like parkas, snow pants, and snow boots can be rented.

Want to make this even easier? Just call our Wintergreen Northern Wear store toll-free 844-359-6233 and they'll be happy to guide you as you gather what you need. When you arrive in Ely for your dogsled trip, they'll outfit you with items you need to rent or purchase. Then at your lodge, your guides will review your gear once again to ensure you've got exactly what you need to have a great time.