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Dressing For Dogsledding is Easy

We’ll be sure you’re warm & cozy on your Wintergreen trip. You’ll come away not just with a great dogsledding experience, but also with greater comfort & confidence in winter recreation as a lifelong endeavor. 

We’ll help you gather what you need. The basics:

  • Long johns top & bottom (synthetic, not cotton)
  • A couple of sweater tops &/or down vest
  • Insulated jacket (or shell + fleece anorak)
  • Insulated pants (or shell + fleece pants)
  • A couple of warm hats & neckband
  • Thin (liner) gloves & insulated mittens
  • Thin (liner) & thick socks (a couple pair)
  • Insulated boots (with removable liners for drying)

Packing List

Check out our packing lists below specific to each type of trip.

General trip prep questions? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 218-349-6128

Clothing and Boot Rental

The Wintergreen Northern Wear clothing company in Ely, MN offers high quality rental gear designed specifically for dogsledding trips that you can pick up on your way to your trip. Fill out rental form below:

Rental gear questions? Call the Wintergreen Northern Wear store toll-free 1-(844)-359-6233