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Dogsled Trips

The nation's oldest (35 years!) & most well established dogsled center

What Trip Should I Choose?

We're happy to help you select a great dogsled trip. Our trips are for all ages. No experience or special fitness needed.

Call toll-free (218) 349-6128 to plan your trip or view our trips below

Lodge Based Trips

Dogsledding Each Day, Cozy Lodge Each Night
A Wintergreen exclusive, these packages are suited for persons ages 6 to 86 and require no experience or gear. Accompanied by our guide-naturalists, you'll mush a team of our friendly Eskimo dogs on beautiful wilderness trails each day and enjoy great meals and cozy northwoods cabins each evening.

Dogsled Day Trips

Full or Partial Guided Day Trips
Our dogsled day trips are "hands-on" experiences on which you'll be driving your own dogsled powered by a team of our friendly, handsome Canadian Inuit dogs. Our guides will accompany you on skis to help out as needed, point out signs of wildlife and sights of scenic interest and share northwoods lore. No experience is needed.

Dogsled Camping Trips

Experience Dogsledding & Winter Camping

We offer Beginning, Advanced, and Arctic Dogsled Camping Trips. Our "Basic" trips are suited for complete novices. Our "Advanced" and "Arctic" trips get you deeper into the wilderness by dogsled, ski & snowshoe and offer more intense skills instruction.

Special Trips

Photo Trips, Parent/Child Trips, and More!
We offer several specialty trips including Photography trips with Layne Kenedy and Parent/Child trips that bring families together.