Videos Of Our Lodge
Wintergreen is very proud to have been selected by PBS-TV among the "Top 6 Adventure Lodges of North America."  Enjoy this short video excerpted from the PBS-TV special about Wintergreen and please recommend it to your friends!  We hope to share a Wintergreen experience with you.

Here is a fun video created by one of our guests.

Enjoy this short video of Winter in Minnesota by Layne Kennedy which features several clips of dogsledding at Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge.

Enjoy our short new training videos (thanks to Tim Oberg Digital Productions) that are included with Wintergreen’s “Dogsledding 101” orientation before each trip.


Wintergreen has been featured in over a dozen documentaries, films & television specials by National Geographic, PBS, the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.  You're welcome to watch any of these great films during your stay with us.  In the meantime,  a couple of them are currently available on line:

to enjoy the 1-hour award-winning National Geographic special about our epic 2-month dogsled expedition to the North Pole that was hailed as a "landmark in polar exploration." It resulted in a National Geographic cover story, our best-selling book, and commendations from Pres. Reagan.





to learn the story of Wintergreen's iconic Canadian Inuit Dogs; from ancient roots in the Arctic as the working sled dog of the Inuit to its confrontation with modern technological society and sadly, it's potential demise as a species (avaiable on Amazon Prime for $1.99).

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