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How to Get to Your Dogsled Adventure

We love visitors, but if you'd like to visit Wintergreen without a trip reservation, PLEASE call ahead.  Guests with reservations who'd like to check-in earlier than designated time, PLEASE call ahead.   All visitors must be accompanied by Wintergreen staff to enter the kennel. 

DAY TRIPS are all based at WIntergreen Dogsled Lodge.
OVERNIGHT trips are based at either Wintergreen OR cabins at nearby Timber Trail Lodge. 

Wintergreen Dogsled Lode, 1101 Ringrock Rd, Ely, MN 55731 (PARKING: After passing our kennel , you'll reach our parking circle. In winter, its always wise to back in to parking slot & tip your wipers up for snow.  Sleds & carts are available to shuttle gear to lodge & we're happy to help: 218-349-6128.
NOTE: The last 4 miles to Wintergreen is a winding gravel road that may be icy. Drive carefully -- the speed limit is 25 mph.

Timber Trail Lodge, 629 Kawishiwi Trail (a wide paved highway), Ely, MN 55731 (PARKING: is available in front of each cabin, which are accessed by different driveways. We'll provide directions to your cabin.


Guests from Midwest states typically drive (MN, WI, SD, ND, IA, IL, OH, MO, KS, NE). In our 40 years, guests have consistently found winter driving on MN's well-maintained roads to be fine. All but the last 60 miles is divided 4-lane. All-wheel or 4WD is recommended, but front-wheel drive is adequate.

Route: 35W from Twin Cities to Cloquet. Hwy 33 to Hwy 53 past Virginia, Hwy 169 to Ely.  Total: 250 miles, 4 hrs.

From Ely: Wintergreen 10 miles (20 min.), Timber Trail Lodge (5 miles). Add 15-30 minutes to your ETA if getting outfitted with rental clothing in Ely.  


Duluth International Airport (most popular option with daily flights via Minneapolis or Chicago on United & Delta. 2.5 hrs to lodge via rental car or taxi)

Hibbing Regional Airport  (2 daily Delta flights via Minneapolis but works well with some connections and is only 1.5 hrs to lodge via rental or taxi)

Minneapolis Airport (enhance your MN visit by renting a car for 4.5-hr scenic drive to the lodge. Contact us about route higlights & options) 

Ground Shuttles from Airports to Ely

Ely Ride Service 218-288-7433  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.offers best rates. Last season, Duluth airport to Wintergreen was $225 for 2-4 people 1-way)

Allied Taxi Service 218-722-3311

Range Taxi Service 218-966-6699. 

Car Rental

We recommend our discounted local option: ACAR,, 218-722-4181 (your Wintergreen discount code: SLED) Other rental car options are available at all airports.