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Canned vacations are like canned food -- uninspiring. You deserve an authentic experience. Ski trips are common as can be, but there's only one dogsled vacation package -- at Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge. Refresh, relax, rejuvinate in the sparkling snowscape of our northwoods winter. Enjoy our fun-loving guides, sumptuous meals, lovely lodging and our furry 4-legged friends who love to pull. We'll keep you warm, cozy & smiling! Our guests consistently rank Wintergreen as their "BEST VACATION EVER."

Sorry! WE ARE FULLY BOOKED FOR THIS SEASON. Email us if you'd like to be on our "Sneak Preview" list to receive advance notice this spring of next season's schedule & get 'first dibs' on your preferred trip date.
1 spot is left on our Greenland Dogsled Trip with Polar Eskimos in April



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For over 35 years! ...we've offered these dogsled options:

Lodge-based Trips Camping Trips Arctic Trips Photo Trip View All Trips Day Trips

Which to choose?  Start by considering our most popular option, which is outlined below:


Deluxe 4-Night Dogsled Vacation Package

  • Offered each Wednesday to Sunday, December through March
  • Best suited for couples or pairs, open to complete beginners
  • Features 3 days of guided "Mush Your Own Team" dogsledding fun
  • Includes all meals, lodging, guides, dogteams, gear -- everything!

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And There's More....

Your itinerary includes a visit to Ely's famous International Wolf Center, a chance to try some skiing, snowshoeing & our Finnish wood-fired sauna, northwoods stories around the fireplace and, with a little luck, the magical dancing Northern Lights in our stunning night sky.

But our beloved dogs are sure to steal the show. They're friendly, handsome, love to be petted and love to pull.

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A Global Top Spot
Easy to Get here & Easy to Dress for


National Geographic ranks our northwoods among "the world's most beautiful places." Getting here is easy. Flights from anywhere connect through Minneapolis (or Chicago) to our Duluth airport. From there, the Ely Shuttle van will bring you to our lodge (OR car rentals from Minneapolis are cheap & the drive is scenic!)

Gearing up for your trip is easy. We'll guide you through your clothing needs and, if needed, outfit you with our rental parkas, snow pants & warm boots. OR purchase our  Wintergreen Northern Wear "Made-in-Ely" 4-season jackets, pants & tops at your guest-discount pricing.  We also offer warm mitts, hats, socks & thermalwear in all sizes.

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Wintergreen is the nation’s oldest (since 1979) and largest dogsled center and the only lodge operation devoted exclusively to dog sledding. As noted by National Geographic, you'll “Mush with the Best!” at Wintergreen.

From just outside Ely, MN, the gateway to heaven (the Boundary Waters wilderness) we offer a variety of trip choices. Most are lodge to lodge, so you’ll be warm and well fed in your own lakeshore cabin or room and private bath. And, you’ll be in good hands with our experienced guides and your own team of Canadian Eskimo Sled Dogs (the REAL stars of the show). Both our guides and dogs are the best in the business.



Trip Details:



4-Night Trips

$ 1,175 - $ 1,875 per person
Rates depend on the level of trip and time of year. View our packages below.

3-Night Trips

$ 975 - $ 1,175 per person
Rates depend on the level of trip and time of year. View our packages below.

We Also Offer:

Beginner Camping Ttips Advanced Camping Trips Specialty Trips


What’s Next?

Our best advice?  Call and talk to Paul @ (877-753-3386 during regular Central Time business hours). There’s nothing like a real conversation with the guy who started all this…not to mention his dogsled trips to the North Pole…to get your questions answered. We’ve tried to answer most of your questions below.  But feel free to wander our site…

Q: Where the heck is Ely, MN, and how do we get there? 
A: The short answer is we’re four hours north of Minneapolis. Go here for the longer answer.

Q: What’s included in the package price?
A: Everything -- meals, lodging, guides, dog teams, outfitting, trail fees & taxes (PLUS tickets to Ely's International Wolf Center where you can observe a wolf pack in a woodland enclosure). Bring your own cold weather gear, or rent from us.

Q: Will we need to bring cold weather gear?
A: No. You can bring your own (learn what you need here). But you may want to simply rent from us. We also make and sell winter clothing at Wintergreen Northern Wear. We’ve developed, from head to toe, clothing and gear designed to keep you warm while dogsledding.

Q: Do we need experience dogsledding? 
A: No. We’ll answer all your questions, give you a thorough orientation, and you’ll be with a guide at all times.

Q: What about kids? 
A: Kids are the best thing two people can do together, but that’s probably not your question. Yes, kids are welcome, and we offer a discount (ages 5-11 get $200 off, 12-17 get $100 off).

Q: What are the accommodations and food like?
A: Oh, my, are you in for a pleasant surprise. Most trips are lodge to lodge, or out and back. So, you’ll enjoy first-rate, warm, cozy, homey, comfort and amazing food.

Q: How do I register? 
A: Click here to register by phone, fax, mail, or email.  Registration involves a $100/person deposit with balance due 8 weeks before your trip.

Q: Do you have a video that will make me smile? The video at the top of the page tugged at my heart.
A: Glad you asked, yes, the video below will definitely put a smile on your face courtesy of the Okee Dokee Brothers!

Wintergreen Dogsledding

Dogsledding in Minnesota??

Yes, we’re in northern Minnesota, and perhaps you’re looking for another locale.  But Ely, Minnesota, has more dogsled vacation opportunities that any community in the country (AND we still have real winters here!).  Plus Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge is the nation’s oldest & largest recreational dogsledding center – and getting here is easy.  So please peruse our site & see what you think.  Still not sure? Just call us – if Wintergreen isn’t fit for you, we’d be happy to recommend other dogsled outfitters in your location of interest.

If you’re here because you’re looking for a dogsled vacation in Minnesota or the Midwest, you’re’ home.  Ely, Minnesota has more dogsled vacation opportunities that any community in the country (AND we still have real winters here!). 

Plus Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge is the nation’s oldest & largest recreational dogsledding center. And getting here is easy.

If, on the other hand, you started by searching for another locale, stick around for another few minutes. You won’t find nicer, more comfortable lodges, better food, more experienced guides or take-your-breath-away natural beauty than here.

If after two minutes you’re still not sure, just call us – if Wintergreen isn’t fit for you, we’d be happy to recommend other dogsled outfitters in your location of interest who we know or have heard good things about.

About Our Dogsled Trips

For nearly thirty years, Wintergreen has provided lodge-to-lodge dogsled vacations suited for complete beginners of all ages, including our 4-night “Good,” “Better” and “Best” options, our 3-night trips, our Dog Sledding Vacation for Parent-Child Pairs and our Photo Workshop Dogsled Trips.

We also offer both Beginning and Advanced dogsled camping trips and – for those seeking the adventure of a lifetime – our Arctic Treks.  Also available are  Dogsled Day Trips and any of our trips can be booked for your own Private Dogsledding Group.  We're happy to help you in Choosing Your Trip.

About Wintergreen

Wintergreen is the most experienced dogsled outfitter in the business and the only lodge operation devoted exclusively to dog sledding.  And the only dogsledding experience that offers lodge-to-lodge trips.

We’re located near Ely, MN, the nation’s “Sled Dog Capitol” and gateway to the Boundary Waters wilderness which ranks among the “Top 50” most scenic places in the world. National Geographic said, you’ll “Mush with the Best!” at Wintergreen.

Lodges we use including Wintergreen are all small, intimate facilities in lovely lakeshore settings that feature fireplaces, featherbeds, full bathrooms, private bedrooms and lots of character. The meals are wonderful and we’re more than happy than to accommodate any dietary requests. Our guests range in age from 5-85, most are in their 30s-60s and are an equal mix of men and women. Each trip includes a mix of singles (20%), couples (40%) and groups of friends and family members (40%). Many come back year after year and rave about their Wintergreen experience (Guest Comments). So does the media – Wintergreen has been subject of dozens of films, TV specials and major magazine feature stories (Wintergreen in the News)

We're happy to help you select your ideal option. It's simple: call us toll free  877-753-3386  anytime & we'll guide you to your ideal winter vacation. For all ages, no experience or special fitness needed, warm clothing & boots available in all sizes....

Review the options below, then call us toll-free to select your ideal trip: 877-753-3386

Lodge-based Dogsled Vacations

A Wintergreen exclusive, these packages are suited for persons ages 6 to 86 and require no experience or gear. Accompanied by our guide-naturalists, you'll mush a team of our friendly Eskimo dogs on beautiful wilderness trails each day and enjoy great meals and cozy northwoods cabins each evening. Choose from:

4 Night (Good)
About 8 guests per trip, suited for pairs or individuals 
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Up to 6 guests, fine dining & lodging, private bathrooms 
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4 Night (Best)
Limited to 4 guests, fine dining, premier lodging 
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3 Night (Shorter)
Suited for pairs or individuals, specially priced for family groups 
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Specialty Dogsled Vacations
Lodge-based dogsled vacations with a twist -- dogsledding fun plus guest instructors who incorporate other skill learning.

Photo Adventure Dogsled Vacation 
A 5-night dogsled trip with National Geographic/Time-Life Photographer Layne Kennedy to enhance your camera skills 
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Dogsled Vacation for Parent-Child Pairs
4-night dog sled trips with top quality one-on-one time with your child or grandchild for lifetime memories & bonding 

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Dogsled Camping Vacations

Beginning Dogsled Camping
Our "Wintergreen Classics" are suited for complete novices. You'll spend your first night at Wintergreen Lodge learning dog sledding, snowshoeing, skiing, and winter camping skills. Then with our guides you'll enjoy a 4-day/3-night trek in the spectacular boundary wilderness capped with a final festive evening back at a lodge. Lots of learning and lots of fun.  
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Advanced Dogsled & Ski Camping 
These 6-night trips (4 nights camping) get you deeper into the wilderness by dogsled, ski & snowshoe and offer more intense skills instruction. Suited for fit persons with previous camp experience. Outstanding adventures that are often led by director Paul Schurke. 
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Arctic Trips
New destinations each spring have included the Russian Arctic, Hudson Bay, Greenland, Ellesmere Island, the Svalbard Islands & even the North Pole. Guided by Wintergreen founder/director Paul Schurke who ranks among the world's most experienced arctic dogsled guides. 
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Dogsled Day Trips & Private Group Trips

Day Trips 
Our half & full day "drive your own team" dog mushing options for all ages 
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Group Trips

Your own private day or overnight trip for family or friends at discounted rates 

"a Top 10 small outdoor business"


"a Top 6 U.S. adventure lodge"


"The perfect dogsled destination"


"Best in the business"


"A Top 10 Minnesota lodge"


"A Top 10 adventure bargain"

Wintergreen supports preserving wildlands & enabling disadvantaged people to enjoy nature with two non-profits we helped found: SaveTheBoundaryWaters.org

Happy TrailsHappy Trails!

Ready to enjoy what our guests tell us is their "best vacation ever"? Call us anytime toll-free: 877-753-3386 (877 Sled Fun). If Yukon answers, tell him you're looking for one of our 2- legged staff. We hope to share a Wintergreen experience with you!


Contact us anytime, we’re happy to answer all your questions!

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