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Canned vacations are like canned food -- uninspiring. You deserve an authentic experience. Ski trips are common as can be, but there's only one dogsled vacation package -- at Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge. Refresh, relax, rejuvinate in the sparkling snowscape of our northwoods winter. Enjoy our fun-loving guides, sumptuous meals, lovely lodging and our furry 4-legged friends who love to pull. We'll keep you warm, cozy & smiling! Our guests consistently rank Wintergreen as their "BEST VACATION EVER."

Sorry! WE ARE FULLY BOOKED FOR THIS SEASON. Email us if you'd like to be on our "Sneak Preview" list to receive advance notice this spring of next season's schedule & get 'first dibs' on your preferred trip date.
1 spot is left on our Greenland Dogsled Trip with Polar Eskimos in April



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For over 35 years! ...we've offered these dogsled options:

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Which to choose?  Start by considering our most popular option, which is outlined below:


Deluxe 4-Night Dogsled Vacation Package

  • Offered each Wednesday to Sunday, December through March
  • Best suited for couples or pairs, open to complete beginners
  • Features 3 days of guided "Mush Your Own Team" dogsledding fun
  • Includes all meals, lodging, guides, dogteams, gear -- everything!

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And There's More....

Your itinerary includes a visit to Ely's famous International Wolf Center, a chance to try some skiing, snowshoeing & our Finnish wood-fired sauna, northwoods stories around the fireplace and, with a little luck, the magical dancing Northern Lights in our stunning night sky.

But our beloved dogs are sure to steal the show. They're friendly, handsome, love to be petted and love to pull.

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A Global Top Spot
Easy to Get here & Easy to Dress for


National Geographic ranks our northwoods among "the world's most beautiful places." Getting here is easy. Flights from anywhere connect through Minneapolis (or Chicago) to our Duluth airport. From there, the Ely Shuttle van will bring you to our lodge (OR car rentals from Minneapolis are cheap & the drive is scenic!)

Gearing up for your trip is easy. We'll guide you through your clothing needs and, if needed, outfit you with our rental parkas, snow pants & warm boots. OR purchase our  Wintergreen Northern Wear "Made-in-Ely" 4-season jackets, pants & tops at your guest-discount pricing.  We also offer warm mitts, hats, socks & thermalwear in all sizes.

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Through our community-giving initiative, Wintergreen donates many dogsled vacations for fundraising auctions each season plus a portion of our proceeds to help support numerous animal and environmental advocacy program and other great causes:

Our Founders Paul and Susan Schurke

It's a Family Affair
(for the love of dogs!)

Meet our founders: Paul & Susan Schurke with Bria, Peter & Berit. You'll be in good, warm hands -- Susan crafts her own Wintergreen Northern Wear clothing line. Paul, an author & educator, received the "Explorers Award", Outside Magazine's "Adventurer of the Year" award & the "Environmental Hero" award by the national Wilderness Society. Wintergreen has been ranked among:

  • Minnesota's "Top 10 Lodges"
  • America's "Top 6 Adventure Lodges,"
  • "10 Best Adventure Travel Bargains”
  • "Top 10 Small Outdoor Businesses"

Wintergreen has been featured in over a dozen documentaries, films & television specials by National Geographic, PBS, the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.  You're welcome to watch any of these great films during your stay with us.  In the meantime,  a couple of them are currently available on line:

to enjoy the 1-hour award-winning National Geographic special about our epic 2-month dogsled expedition to the North Pole that was hailed as a "landmark in polar exploration." It resulted in a National Geographic cover story, our best-selling book, and commendations from Pres. Reagan.



to learn the story of Wintergreen's iconic Canadian Inuit Dogs; from ancient roots in the Arctic as the working sled dog of the Inuit to its confrontation with modern technological society and sadly, it's potential demise as a species (avaiable on Amazon Prime for $1.99).


 Registering for a Wintergreen trip is very simple. Just email or call us regarding your trip preference.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or toll-free 877-753-3386 (218-365-6022)

We’ll respond regarding availability and the registration info we need. Registration involves a $100/person deposit with balance due 2 months before your trip. Payment can be made by credit card or check. Payments are fully refundable until Oct. 1 and after that date can be applied toward another trip. Or you can secure Travelex insurance which provides a full refund anytime if you have to cancel your reservation due to family illness or accident.


The registration process (by phone or email) takes only 10 minutes and includes the following items in addition to your address and phone info, payment preference and trip choice:


We’ll be asking you about your prior winter experiences and visits, if any, to northern Minnesota to gauge your familiarity with the type of experience you’ll be engaged in.


We’ll be asking if you have any dietary restrictions or preferences that we can accommodate for you.


We’ll be asking your age, height and weight. It’s okay to fudge a bit on your age but our dogs will be upset if you fudge on your height and weight because we use those figures to budget dog power for your team. (Persons over 250 pounds may find it difficult to balance on the sleds unless they’re quite fit.)


For your safety, we’ll be asking you about any physical or medical restrictions you may have. All such information is strictly confidential. Please note that health conditions or disabilities do not necessarily prevent anyone from participating on our trips. Persons with the following conditions have enjoyed our trips: diabetes (type 1 & 2), amputations, prosthetic arms, legs, hips & knees, back and knee braces, catheters & colostomies, dog allergies, arthritis, asthma, limited hearing and sight


For your comfort, we’ll be asking about your fitness. One of the great things about dogsledding is that it accommodates persons of virtually any fitness level. However, if you are seriously out-of-shape (for example, if you find walking a mile to be exhausting), then even our cushiest trips may be too challenging. If you have basic fitness (that is, if you could walk 2-3 miles without much difficulty), then you’d enjoy any of our lodge-to-lodge trips. If you’re moderately fit or better (and could handle, for example, a 5-mile walk), then our camping trips would be a fit for you as well. If you have concerns about your fitness, please feel free to discuss them with us.


If you’re traveling as a pair, we’ll be asking if you’d like one or two beds. If you’re traveling as a single, we’ll be asking if you require a single room (which is generally available for a $25/night surcharge) or if you’re willing to share a double room with another single of the same gender (no charge).


We’ll also be asking you to sign an assumption of risk and liability waiver form (sent by mail) indicating that you assume full responsibility for your participation and that you have health and accident insurance. While our safety record is superb, these requirements are standard protocol for all outdoor programs.


Your reservation will be following immediately by a confirmation letter. And then a few months before your trip, you’ll receive our “Trip Kit” packet which includes info for preparing for your trip, suggested clothing checklist, rental clothing options, a Wintergreen clothing catalog and guest coupon for discount purchases, brochure and free pass to Ely’s International Wolf Center, Travelex trip insurance brochure and risk & liability form and travel plans & final payment form with send-back envelope. Finally, a few weeks before your trip, you’ll receive an update letter with final details about the itinerary for your trip, your guides and the other guests in your group.

Welcome aboard! We look forward to sharing a Wintergreen experience with you!






"a Top 10 small outdoor business"


"a Top 6 U.S. adventure lodge"


"The perfect dogsled destination"


"Best in the business"


"A Top 10 Minnesota lodge"


"A Top 10 adventure bargain"

Wintergreen supports preserving wildlands & enabling disadvantaged people to enjoy nature with two non-profits we helped found: SaveTheBoundaryWaters.org

Happy TrailsHappy Trails!

Ready to enjoy what our guests tell us is their "best vacation ever"? Call us anytime toll-free: 877-753-3386 (877 Sled Fun). If Yukon answers, tell him you're looking for one of our 2- legged staff. We hope to share a Wintergreen experience with you!


Contact us anytime, we’re happy to answer all your questions!

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