Wintergreen in the News

Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge has been featured in a variety of media outlets throughout the years.

Because Wintergreen is so unique, our dogsled trips are regularly featured in films, television specials, newspaper feature stories and magazine articles, and on the web.  You can view these by following the links below.

Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge on the Web

You'll find lots of fun videos that Wintergreen guests have made about their trips with us on You Tube.  Here's a sampling of other websites that feature Wintergreen, including some posted by national media and others by our guests:

Media Coverage about Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge

Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge in Film

In addition to the films listed below, you'll find the documentaries we've done with National Geographic on our Arctic expedition on our YouTube channel:

  • PBS Almanac show filmed at Wintergreen in January 2019
  • The History Channel filmed at Wintergreen in March 2016
  • National filmed at Wintergreen in December 2013
  • Travel Channel celebrity Samatha Brown joined us for a Wintergreen dogsled camping trip for a special that now airs on her "Passport to Great Weekends" series
  • "Adventure Lodges of North America," PBS-TV, September 2006, 1-hour TV special documenting 6 adventure lodges including Wintergreen.
  • “The Vacation You Need,” The Discovery Channel, March 2006, a reality-TV show based on a Wintergreen dogsled camping trip with a family from Seattle.
  • “Kent Hrbek Outdoors,” 2005, TV feature about Wintergreen with Kent Hrbeck
  • NBC Today Show features Wintergreen in both a summer segment in August 2004 and winter segment in December 2002.
  • "Ice Master," by Dateline NBC, January 2003. A docu-drama on the ill-fated 1914 Karluk expedition near Wrangel Island in the Russian Arctic, featuring commentary by Paul Schurke and footage shot at Wintergreen.
  • “A Dog’s Day in Paradise,” by R.J. Fritz with WCCO-CBS TV, Spring 2003, TV news feature about Wintergreen Lodge and Wintergreen Northern Wear
  • “Backroads with Ron Shara & Raven,” 2002, TV feature about Wintergreen with Ron Shara.
  • "Ice Riders," by National Geographic television, September 2001. A documentary about Paul and daughter Bria Schurke's dogsled expedition with the Polar Inuit descendants of Adm. Robert Peary and black American explorer Matthew Henson in northwestern Greenland.
  • "Dogsledding in Minnesota," by PBS Anywhere Wild, 1999. A documentary hosted by mountain climber Peter Wittaker and Paul & Bria Schurke about a Wintergreen dogsled trip. Copies of this 30-minute video can be ordered through Wintergreen.
  • "Dogs of the Midnight Sun," by Discovery Channel, 1999 A documentary on the Canadian Inuit Dog featuring footage shot at Wintergreen. Contact Wintergreen to order a copy.
  • "Dogsledding in Wisconsin," by PBS Trailside, 1997. A documentary hosted by Backpacker magazine editor John Viehman about a Wintergreen dogsled trip on Lake Superior's Apostle Islands.
  • "The Last Husky," by National Geographic Explorer, 1993. A documentary (winner of Banff Film Award) about the relocation of the last working dogteam in Antarctica to Wintergreen and VOBS in Minnesota.
  • "Thawing the Ice Curtain," by National Geographic, September 1991. A half-hour TV special about Paul Schurke's Bering Bridge Expedition that helped open the US-Soviet border between Siberia and Alaska.
  • "North to the Pole," by National Geographic, September 1986. A one-hour TV special about Paul Schurke's and Will Steger's 1986 dogsled expedition to the North Pole. Continues to air periodically on National Geographic programming.

Past Media Coverage about Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge

  • April 14, 2006, Ely Echo newspaper feature story on the 20 th anniversary of the historic dogsled expedition to the North Pole led by Paul Schurke & Will Steger and hailed by National Geographic as "a landmark in polar exploration"
  • March 2006, The Discovery Channel premieres “The Vacation You Need,” a reality-TV show based on a Wintergreen dogsled camping trip with a family from Seattle.
  • January 2006 Shape magazine, “Plan Now for a Sporty Vacation”
  • January 1, 2006 Associated Press feature story on Wintergreen that ran in 1,800 papers worldwide, “Mushers Plunge into Snowy Wilderness
  • January 2, 2006, Columbus Dispatch feature on Wintergreen, “Sled Dogs Pull Through on Winter Vacations”
  • 2006-07 issue of  Wilderness magazine features recipients of the National Wilderness Society’s 2006 Environmental Heroes award including Wintergreen director Paul Schurke for his role in founding Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness, Wilderness Inquiry and his preservation efforts regarding the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and the Kawishiwi Pines Old Growth area.
  • Jan/Feb 2005, Twin City Dog magazine, pgs 12-15, Wintergreen feature story,
  • Jan/Feb 2006 National Geographic Adventure magazine features a story on North Pole adventures, including Wintergreen's 2006 polar trek
  • January 2005, Associated Press  feature story on dogsledding that ran worldwide and highlighted Wintergreen
  • Fall/Winter 2005 Travel Savvy magazine features a story on dogsledding that highlights Wintergreen
  • October 2004 Mens Journal, highlights Wintergreen in a story about dogsledding.
  • February 2004, National Geographic Adventure, highlights Wintergreen in a photo feature titled "Mush with the Best!"
  • January 2004, Smithsonian Magazine, cover story about Wintergreen's dogsled expeditions with the Polar Inuit of Northwestern Greenland
  • Winter/Spring 2003, Backpacker magazine, feature story about the type of summer treks Wintergreen is pioneering on Russia's Kamchatka peninsula.
  • Fall 2002, Jeep magazine, feature story and photos about Wintergreen
  • August 19, 2002, US News & World Report, feature titled "The Gene that Wouldn't Sit Still" about the psychological roots of adventurous which highlights the life experiences of Paul Schurke.
  • April 2002, Outside Magazine, Ideas That Rock the World: Paul & Susan Schurke, Mushers for the Masses," profile ranking Wintergreen among the “Top 10” small innovative outdoor businesses of the past 25 years
  • March 2002, Outside Magazine, page 72. "Top 25 Trips of a Lifetime." includes Wintergreen's dogsled trips with the Polar Inuit of Northwestern Greenland
  • January 13, 2002, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,. "Dogsledding Answers Call of Wild," by Don Mac Isaac. Feature story and photos about a Wintergreen Dogsled Adventure.
  • 2002 Google's "Stack of Lists" includes Paul Schurke in its list of “100 Explorers Throughout History.”
  • World Almanac& Book of Facts includes Paul Schurke & Will Steger's 1986 North Pole Expedition among its outline of "North Pole Exploration Records."
  • National Public Radio's"Morning Edition" included an interview with Paul Schurke and a feature story on his May 1999 North Pole expedition.
  • March 2002, Fortune Small Business magazine,. "Going to the Dogs: In Minnesota, your own Personal Iditarod” feature story about Wintergreen camping trip.
  • March 2002, Men's Journal,. A profile on Wintergreen's advanced dogsled camping adventures.
  • February 7, 2001, Mesabi Daily News, "Ely Explorer Schurke," feature story and photos about Wintergreen Lodge and Paul Schurke's expedition career.
  • January 2000, Porsche Magazine, "Dashing Through the Snow," feature story and photos about both Wintergreen Lodge and Paul Schurke's Arctic expeditions.
  • November/December 1999, National Geographic Traveler, "Going to the Dogs,". Feature story and photos about a Wintergreen lodge-to-lodge dogsled vacation. Excerpt: "The nice thing about mushing is that as soon as you attempt to do it, you are doing it. We were off and running, standing tall on our sleds....As soon as we were in their midst, the dogs vied eagerly for our touch. This breed has a well—earned reputation for being affectionate."
  • February 21, 1999, Duluth News Tribune,. "Adventure Entrepeneurs: Paul & Susan Schurke of Ely have fashioned a way of life, 2 livelihoods out of winter," by Sam Cook. Feature stories and photos. Click here for text-only copy of this article.
  • September/October 1998, New Moon, The Magazine about Girls and Their Dreams,. page 38-39. "My Arctic Odyssey," by Bria Schurke about her backpacking trek across Ellesmere, Canada's northernmost Arctic Island with her father Paul.
  • July 26, 1998, New York Times magazine, "Explornography," by John Tierney. Cover feature story and photos about Wintergreen's dogsled trips across Ellesmere, Canada's northernmost Arctic island.
  • December 1998, German Geo Magazine,. "The Roof of the World," by John Tierney. Feature story and photos (in German) about Wintergreen's dogsled trips across Ellesmere, Canada's northernmost Arctic island.
  • Jan/Feb 1998, Country Woman, "Cover Lady's Country-Coated." Cover story feature about Wintergreen Designs.
  • 1997-98 Snow Country magazine,. Paul Schurke served as the magazine's guest columnist, writing monthly articles about winter skills and cold weather comfort.
  • December 1997, BackpackerMagazine,. "Chillin' with the King of Cool," by Jeff Rennicke. A feature story and photos about Wintergreen and director Paul Schurke along with Paul's tips for winter comfort. Click here,2646,815,00.html for text-only copy.
  • March 1997, Northwest Airlines World Traveler, feature article and photos on Wintergreen dogsled trip.
  • February 1994, Midwest Living, "Dogsledding Through the Boundary Waters," Feature stories and photos about a Wintergreen dogsled adventure.
  • Winter 1991, Boundary Waters Journal,. "Home in the Boundary Waters," by Bob Cary. A profile of Wintergreen and its founders Paul & Sue Schurke.
  • January 1987, Outside magazine,. "Outsiders of the Year: On Top of the World, Making the Pole the Hard Way with Will Steger and Paul Schurke," by David Roberts. Feature profile and photos on Paul & Will's successful dogsled expedition to the North Pole in winter 1986.
  • September 1986, National Geographic magazine, "North to the Pole!" by Will Steger with Paul Schurke, cover story feature on Will's & Paul's expedition. Contact Wintergreen to order a copy.