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Arctic Adventures

Wintergreen's Arctic Adventures

NOTE:  Lingering post-Covid transportation glitches in the remote Arctic continue to thwart our plans to resume our Wintergreen Arctic Adventures. We'll keep trying!  Email us if you'd like us to keep you posted about future Wintergreen Arctic Adventures.

Wintergreen's Arctic Adventures
We first visited the arctic by dogsled in 1985 on a journey along our continent's northern coastline and we've returned every spring since. We're hooked on the ethereal beauty and cultural intrigue of the mysterious land of endless horizons.

Our Arctic adventures have included dogsledding with the Russian reindeer herders of Siberia, traversing Alaska's North Slope, sledding through the realm of the white wolves on Canada's Ellesmere Island, reaching both the magnetic and geographic North Poles by ski & dogteam, and traversing Hudson Bay. They've also included sledding the coast of northwestern Greenland with Polar Inuit hunters, (the most traditional experience the Arctic offers!) as well as sledding beautiful Svalbard Island, home of the world's northernmost community -- Longyearbyen, Norway. And we've enjoyed treks along Canada's new Polar Bear National Park to reach the legendary community of Churchill on Hudson Bay as well as journey along the Arctic's most dramatic sea cliff, mountain and glacier topography of Greenland's east coast.

Wintergreen's arctic trips are planned and led by director Paul Schurke, a top-ranking arctic adventurer and guide who has received the Explorers Club's "Merit Citation" and Outside magazine's "Adventurer of the Year" award. He designs his trip itineraries to include meaningful opportunities to connect with local culture and communities, a mix of easy and challenging travel days, a variety of mountain, tundra and sea ice scenery, opportunities to observe arctic animals without impacting them, and information on environmental issues particularly the urgent research being done on arctic climate change.

These springtime trips include the luxury of arctic round-the-clock sunlight but the weather can range from balmy to blizzards. Trip candidates need an open mind, an adventurous spirit, a good sense of humor and better than average fitness. Skiing skills are NOT required but winter camping experience is. That can be obtained by participating on a dogsled camping trip of choice at Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge, Ely, Minnesota. This training opportunity is available to all arctic trip registrants at no additional charge and helps gauge if an arctic trip is a "fit" for them.

Wintergreen's arctic trips rank among the most exotic experiences available anywhere (Outside Magazine ranked our Greenland trip among the world's "Top 25 Adventures of a Lifetime" and National Geographic featured them in an award-winning documentary movie!). But trips in the Arctic, where the remoteness magnifies the costs of everything, are very expensive. Please note however that most of the cost will stay in the Arctic as it's passed along to the local mushers, charter planes and Arctic service providers who help us make trips of this magnitude possible. This is eco-tourism at its best since these trips contribute substantially to the sustainability of these Arctic communities and cultures, and feature traditional Arctic skills.

Dogsled Hudson Bay to Churchill

Along Polar Bear Park

SAMPLE OF PREVIOUS TRIP: 10 days late March-early April.  Includes overnight "Tundra Train" trip (see northern lights in dome car!) to Hudson Bay for 6 days of dogsled camping through Wapusk National Park & along Arctic Ocean.  PLUS 2-night stay at Churchill Northern Studies Center & visit to subarctic community

Dogsled Northwest Greenland

With The Polar Inuit

SAMPLE OF PREVIOUS TRIP:  13 days, late April-early May. From Ottawa, Includes charter flight via Baffin Island to world's northernmost village, 8 days dogsledding with Polar Inuit families, stays in 4 native villages, ranked by National Geographic as world's finest traditional Arctic adventure